Life as an intern for eBay

Exit blog post regarding life as an intern for eBay Inc.

Before I begin, I want to talk about eBay as a whole and whether or not you should apply for their internship. Well, if you are looking for an internship where you can have an ‘experience’, I was fortunate enough to travel to Baltimore, Ohio, Austin, San Francisco, and Ocean City in the 2 months I was here. To my surprise, on the company travels, everything was expensed and the hotels were absolutely amazing as well! If you are the intern that doesn’t care to travel but wants true responsibility, I had the opportunity to develop software for eBay that they soon acquired and rolled out to 130 million people (will talk more on it later in post). If you want a company that will provide strong job security, following your internship, they will let you know if you are going to be recruited back for full-time or not. If you are looking for a high paying internship, eBay, mentioned by Glass Door, has the highest paying internship in the country (ahead of Google). No matter what your poison is, eBay has really genuine, hard working, and excited people and I truly believe that from learning about their core values and social stance, that this company would be amazing to work full-time for.

During this summer, I was an intern on the Multi-channel Creative Solutions team for eBay Inc. in Timonium, Maryland. The goal for this internship was to assist in bringing to life an amazing customer experience tailored to StubHub, Six Flags, and Macy’s that demonstrates the eBay Inc. value proposition. Some of the tactics to serve the strategies consisted of designing infographics with photoshop, illustrator, and also researching companies to find out their intrinsic values, future strategies, and how they will be able to partner with PayPal to improve their transaction experience. For the showcase, since I was given a 5×5 place, I am the only intern in Timonium who knows how to code (Front-end development), and I am part of a creative team, I wanted to find an outlet that would set me apart and implement the niche that I am in. I accomplished that goal by developing a completely responsive and interactive interface in which people could follow my presentation from their own smart phones since PayPal hits hard with ‘Mobile First’. The site was designed using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Jquery.

View my 2013 eBay Inc [UP] Showcase

As an intern on the Multi-Channel Creative Solutions team, that position consisted of helping drive the full lifecycle of solutions management including opportunity assessment, product design, product development, product launch, post-launch management, and optimization. I would like to credit this internship to my manager, Katie Moran, May Zabaneh, Larry Venter, and everyone else on my team for all of their hard work in making sure that I was given a lot for responsibility. As an intern, even though our reimbursement was very gracious, I think that responsibility is the best thing that you can receive an intern.

For one, I believe that responsibility is great because it means that your manager believes in your capabilities and wants to give you the opportunity to show your true potential and actually compare yourself against other interns in the program. I also worked closely with a cross-functional team of Business Development, Product Development, Engineering, Design and User Research teams to design and deliver solutions. Some of the clients that I had the opportunity to work with during this internship consisted of Apple, Six Flags, StubHub, and Macy’s.

For an internship as a whole, the program was an absolutely amazing experience. In mid-July, eBay flew all of the 500 interns out to San Francisco to meet each other and also meet the executives which included John Donahoe and many other high-level employees. To my surprise, I was one of 2 of the 500 interns who were recognized in the conference to be viewed as inspiration for the other interns at the conference proving that even though your just an intern, you can still make an incredible impact on the company. During my internship last summer at eBay in San Jose, California, I won the 2012 intern PayPal hackthon by developing a feature with a team of 4 others which is designed on top of the current system which digitizes and itemizes receipts. The feature was soon acquired by eBay and is now known as To my surprise, it was soon rolled out to 130,000,000 people. For that accomplishment, I was recognized by not only the intern conference, but I was actually also interviewed by CNN. You can see my published CNN intern interview here.


2013 eBay Inc [UP] Conference Recognition

Alex Forss eBay internship

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8 thoughts on “Life as an intern for eBay

  1. John

    Alex, I am impressed with your progress in your new life. Your a credit and role model to those that have seen you grow or shared some good moments with you. Much credit goes to your Mom and Dad. Say hi to them. Lets have lunch next time you are home…..and catch up. Cheers John

    Sent from my iPad

    • Thank you for all of the kind words! I am just proud to be apart of the amazing program that you put together this year! I don’t think it could have been a more rewarding and fun experience!

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